Things Consider Before Installing a Solar Street Light

Solar lights require very less maintenance and there are no external wiring required once they are installed. However, if you are planning to install solar lights on your property then keeping few things in mind will help you to get the maximum benefit out of the device.

Some of these conditions are

Access to sunlight : The area where you want to illuminate the solar street light should be free of any shade and have full access to sunlight. This will help the solar panels to absorb more sunlight and charge the battery in order to power the light at night. During the day the position of the sun changes hence, before installing solar lights, you need to calculate the amount of radiation which reaches that spot maximum during the day.

Research the area : If you are placing the lights in an area which is active throughout the night then you need to install large battery package as small battery will not be able to light up for long duration. As modern solar lights operate using adaptive lighting techniques which can off/on at certain intervals of time to save more energy so it is better to research the traffic amount and then adjust the solar lights accordingly.

Lighting needs : The size of the area will decide whether you need stronger or less potent LED lights and solar fixtures as that will decide the overall budget of the project. Usually there should be a spacing of about 100 ft in between each light however, if there are any obstructions like buildings or trees then you will have to increase the density for better lighting. In this case, a solar lighting professional will be able to calculate the accurate distance and efficiency of the area.

Height of solar pole : Areas which are windy will need some specialized poles so that it can withstand strong force of wind. This is optional only in areas where there are chances of facing heavy winds frequently. Sometimes, a lush green tree might come on the way of your solar light so in that case you will have to increase the height of the pole. The default height of the lighting pole will not work out here as you may not want to cut down any trees. So, in such type of restrictions you may have to increase or adjust the height of the pole whichever is needed to get proper light.

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