Tapetum India Solar – All In One Integrates Solar Garden Lights With Dusk to Dawn Water Proof for Garden, Lawn, Foot Paths. Do you want to see where you’re going at night when walking along the path or are you just looking add a little bit of style to your path, patio or decking? Have a look at our range of Solar Garden Lights that will make a great addition to any garden. Solar Garden Lights have improved considerably in recent years and now a number of products will work well year round if you take a little time setting them up in a good location. With a choice of ground pathway edging lights, spotlights and bollard style lighting you will be able to achieve just the look you’re after.
These solar-powered lighting solutions do not only light up and illuminate your gardens and parks, but they work wonderfully well to bring about that perfect ambiance and highlight certain attractive features in your gardens. These compact-designed solar lights are safe and simple to install that requires absolutely no wiring or trenching, switches or chords. Our superior quality garden lights manufactured by the best solar garden light company in Kerala come with long-life solar cells, high quality battery backup, automatic on and off mechanism, waterproof and weatherproof technology.

If you are thinking of hosting an outdoor party and want to do so in the evening, then you will probably be thinking of two functional and decorative elements that will add life to the party and create the perfect party atmosphere. At the same time, you also want something reliable that will last. you can go for our Multi functional very easy to installable Solar Garden Lights at Zero Electricity Bill.

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