Solar Street Lights Advantages & Disadvantages

It’s high time we should say bye to heavy electricity bills and darkness from both indoor’s and outdoor’s of our home. The concepts of solar powered lights are here to serve you in a convenient and sustainable way in just a minimal investment. The topic of renewable energy is one of the highly discussed topics amongst the environmentalist today, as it can find ways to solve environmental crises and pollution from the earth.

However before this problem causes too much harm to the environment, new inventions and technologies have been designed by scientists who are trying hard to discover innovative and effective environmental friendly alternatives for the world. Solar energy is inexhaustible and a renewable source of energy and many countries have already started promoting it to households and companies to invest in it. Compared to its advantages, solar lighting also has few disadvantages which we will find out in this article and try to see both sides of the coin to help you decide if it’s worth it.

Advantages of Solar Street Lights

  • Environmental friendly- Use of solar lights can play a major role in reducing the carbon footprints which are created from non-renewable sources. When the use of solar and other renewable energy will increase then only the problem of exhaustion will decrease from the planet.
  • Cost effective- As these lights are dependent on the sun, you will be saved from paying money to the electricity provider every month. Initially it might seem a bit expensive but gradually it will cover up the costs within a few months and give long-term benefits.
  • Imperishable source- Since solar energy is unlimited; you will never be away from utilizing it, if you are staying in a place where there is sunlight.
  • Less maintenance- You can be free from worrying about the maintenance of these lights. Apart from cleaning and doing few check-ups there isn’t much to do to ensure its longevity.
  • Available in wide ranges- Solar lighting techniques have developed over the years. Today you will find wide choice of solar lights with different sizes, types, styles, features etc. These ranges are not only to suit the functional purpose but look wise also they have improved a lot.

Disadvantages of Solar Street Light

  • Expensive than conventional lights- These lights are bit expensive compared to other conventional street lights, which is the main reason behind not opting for solar street lights.
  • Risk of theft since its non-wired- Since these lights are wireless and costly, the risk of theft is high compared to regular street lights.
  • Frequent checking when placed in extreme weather conditions- When placed in extreme weather conditions like snow or dust, there are chances of moisture getting accumulated horizontal PV-panels leading to reduced or full stoppage of energy production.
  • Replacement of batteries- Like any other components, rechargeable batteries also get exhausted they must be replaced a few times within the lifetime of the fixtures.

Hence, these are the advantages and disadvantages of solar street light and now it’s finally your decision to decide whether it is worth investing in. However, we have also seen many people switching to solar street light and taking a measure step towards being environment friendly.

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