All-in-one Integrated Solar Street Lights vs. Traditional Solar Street Lights

The invention of solar street lights has gained much popularity in the recent years. It not only saves money on your current electricity bills but also saves the environment and spreads a positive message about the use of solar energy. Solar street lights mainly consist of a solar panel, lighting fixture, rechargeable battery, and pole. As technology advanced, the photovoltaic panels and LED bulbs also improved becoming more economic, safe and compact.
At present there are 2 types of solar LED lights available in the market. Traditional solar street lights which include feature panels, fixtures and other accessories that are wired together and all-in-one integrated solar street lights which includes solar panel, LED source, PIR motion sensor, die casting cap, and angle shifter into the pole itself. So, before planning to buy one have a look at the pros and cons of both the options to get the maximum value out of your investments.

All-in-one Solar Street Light :

  • All in one solar street light uses environment friendly Lithium Battery which provides long life with enhanced product life followed by trouble free performance.
  • Since these solar panels are mounted onto the lighting fixture they are not very flexible compared to traditional solar street lights.
  • Installing an all in one solar street lamp is much easier. It takes only 3 steps to install one.
    1. Dig the cage
    2. Fix the lighting box with screws
    3. Lastly mount the pole

The kit includes everything from solar panel, battery, smart sensor, LED lamp, and device controller which are easier to install on even old poles and walls.

  • These lights are infra-sensory which can automatically switch off during the day and switch on once when night falls after recharging.
  • They can also sense at a distance of 7 to 10 meters away and detect motion to automatically adjust its brightness.
  • One can install these lights in entrances, perimeters, pathways, car parks, playgrounds, courtyards, and even remote areas as they are wireless.
  • All in one solar street are lighter in weight, compact, sleek in design and adds value for money.
  • Always choose an all in one system because they are rust proof, waterproof, maintenance-free, shock proof and consume low power.

Traditional Solar street light :

  • Traditional Solar street lights are more flexible compared to all in one Integrated Solar Street light. The solar panel can be adjusted according to the sunlight to absorb maximum heat but if the panel doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will work for shorter hours.
  • Since the solar panel is not fixed in a traditional split-type solar one, you can use any size panel to store more power so that it can last longer during winter nights. Whereas in allinone it is limited to the size of the light fixture.
  • The traditional solar street lights runs on lead-acid batteries and are bulky in weight which makes it inconvenient to carry to remote areas.
  • Installing a traditional solar light is requires some amount of experience since it includes panels, fixtures and accessories that are wired together. First dig the pit for the cage and battery then, install each component one by one like solar panels, lighting lamp, and all other things to wire it together for the whole system to work.
  • The overall cost of installation for a traditional solar street light will be around 40% – 60% more compared to all-in-one integrated solar street light.

Investing in all-in-one solar street light seems to provide you with utmost benefits. Although the initial investments seems high but in the long run this lights will prove to be providing a longer life cycle even with extensive use. Compared to vintage street lights the modern all-in-one solar integrated lights include minimal risk of overheating as there are no external wires, which also minimizes the accidents threats.

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