Solar Lights for the Desert

Deserts have a completely different temperature. It requires a lot of work when designing a solar street light for desert. The temperature completely drops in the night but during day it will be extremely hot. And the natural occurrence of heat waves and sandstorms might hamper the working of a solar light system. So, the designing of the system should be sustainable with state-of-the-art technology to cope up with such extreme temperature.

There are certain considerations while setting up a solar street light for the desert. In this article let us see what these points are and whether it is possible to install one in a desert.

  • Changes in temperature: Deserts have an extreme temperature in the day. It will be very hot during the day and cold during the night. So, to be able to stand in such an extreme climate the lighting system is designed specially with high quality material to protect the lamp from overheating. The LED lamp will also have an excellent heat emission to keep it working in such weather conditions.

  • Combating the sandstorms and heat waves: While selecting a solar panel we should keep in mind about the frequent sandstorms and heat waves which keeps hitting the region very often. The solar panels should be adjustable to a reclining angle with bigger bracket to let the sand slide away from the glass surface. If the sand gets stuck on the surface then it may not work properly. Even the street lights should not get dust accumulated as that might cause the lampshade to become darker. Periodic cleaning of the system after 3 to 4 months will ensure that it keeps running for a longer time.

  • Strong enough to stand the powerful sandstorms: As the sand keeps shifting its position during sandstorms, it’s quite possible that it might loosen the base of the solar street lights. Hence, to avoid such case the base of the solar street lights is fixed deep below the ground and the built is very sturdy to withstand any natural disaster.
  • Dimming features to save energy: Solar street lights designed for deserts have a dimming feature to save more energy in the second half of the night. The LED solar street lights are equipped with a revolutionary photo-metric design which can control the light distribution and ensure a steady brightness on the road. This mode helps in keeping the street lights stable and fine throughout their life even in extreme temperature.

  • Protect the battery from sun: Even the battery box needs to be protected from the blazing sun in a desert. Since we cannot escape from the heat and extreme changes of the temperature the battery is buried deep into the soil so that the temperature is not affected by it.

Technology is advancing and so the quality and designing of the solar lights. Hot or cold even during extreme weather conditions today’s solar light will stand tall and keep illuminating the area in a sustainable and a cost-effective way.

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