How to choose your perfect Solar Street Light

Solar light comes a bit costlier than the regular bulbs but, they are much more efficient than the regular ones and cover up the costs of buying within a few months of time. However, does it mean that we can buy from any solar manufacturer and expect the same warranty as a trusted one? Surely no one of us will like to see it getting wasted right! So, in this article we will find out how to choose the right solar installer which will give us long term benefits.

There are few points which needs to be looked before planning to invest in a solar light.

1. Which light fixture to use for assembling the solar light?

There are many manufacturers in the market but only a selected few are the best ones in this business. One such big company is Hubbell. Even SEPCO uses fixtures from Hubbell for assembling their solar lights. We can rely upon this lighting company as it has years of experience into the business and every Hubbell fixture comes with a lifespan of 100K.

2. Availability in different types of lights

Street lights normally use Type II and Type III distribution but if we are putting up a single solar light in a small entrance then probably we will need Type V rectangular distribution light.

There are different distribution patterns available with different lighting fixtures. Each of the distribution patterns provides different footprints on the ground. Hence, if we want the light on a big area we have to use a large distribution pattern.

The distribution pattern must be set depending on the number of lanes, medians, sidewalks and other features and not just based on the project. This way it ensures that the drivers or pedestrians are not left in darkness but gets a full coverage of light.

3. The right way to put a lighting fixture to get proper illumination

Simply fixing a light won’t give us the required result. There is a right way to check the illumination also. A photometric analysis will help in planning out the lighting layout more accurately to control the costs & increase the energy output. This also helps to control harmful illumination which is bad for our eyes. A controlled illumination also provides great distribution to a larger area helping with better visibility and less eye strain for drivers.

4. Battery life

A good battery backup is what we all look up to. Imagine the battery giving up after every 2 or 3 days during winter or rainy season. Won’t it increase our maintenance and replacement costs? All this leads to a bad solar system designing.

5. Product Warranty and Reviews

Product warranty and reviews is what we all check before purchasing a product. Product warranty is an important part as it ensures how long it will run. One year warranty is not enough for solar street light as the system would costs us couple of thousands and if we have to pay that every year it could end up costing us more. Instead, purchasing a system which can lasts for 25 years or more will reduce the overall budget of the project.

Reviews about the products will also help us to know which manufacturer to go for. Customers who have purchased and used these solar lights will be able to give a better evaluation of the product. We should also check if the customer service is prompt in replying and solving our issues. Once the purchase is completed we should not be in the dark hence, we should speak to them first and then go ahead with the purchase.

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